Frequently Asked Questions

We realize as a prospective client or provider that you may have questions, And we're here to help.

How do I become a Client?

For inquiries related to requesting services offered by us,  please contact a TVNS office closest to you.

For information on the office nearest to you, please use our office locator tool   HERE


How do I become a caregiver?

Prospective caregivers either visit the TVNS office located nearest to them, or they may contact us at:  +1(800)-242-8867 for more information.

What services do you offer?

Please refer to our Services page for a complete and Up to date listing.

 Click Here

Are your services available in my area?

If you live south of Kingsville, TX and East of Laredo, TX, Possibly!

To locate an office in your area please click HERE to use our office locator tool.

Alternatively, you may call us Toll Free at +1.800.242.8867 were an operator can assist you.

Are you hiring?

We may be!

You can check our current Career Employment listings on our online Public Job board at

(NOTE: Currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance) If you require assistance you may contact us at:  +1(800)-242-8867

I have another question not answered here.

Please feel free to call or visit any of our 9 offices during normal business hours, or you may call us Toll Free at +1.800.242.8867